Green Building

Net-zero energy home

Net-zero Energy Home – Wilson Residence

e2 Homes, is deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of our construction activities and the operating and life-cycle costs of the projects we work on.  The many ideas of green & high-performance building, sustainable construction, and cost-benefit analysis are incorporated into our building approach for every client.  Some of our clients also request independent green certifications and e2 Homes has personal experience with these programs. From certifications through new technologies, e2 Homes is the industry leader in green construction techniques.

Some Benefits of High Performance Buildings:
  • Residential Bi-Facial Solar Array Roof

    Bi-Facial Solar Array Roof on Net Zero Energy Custom Home in Winter Park, FL

    Reduced power consumption and lower electric bills:
    Better insulation; high efficiency water heating, appliances, and lighting; improved mechanical systems; air-tight building envelope construction techniques; e2 Homes is an ENERGY STAR Partner and is committed to certifying new projects to deliver whole-house energy savings to improve comfort and help protect the environment.

  • Reduced water consumption and lower water bills:
    Drought tolerant landscaping; high efficiency faucets/toilets; efficient plumbing piping design;
  • Improved building durability:
    Assessment of unique building and site risks; address high-risk areas – like water intrusion, interior moisture, and pests (termites);
  • Improved occupant air quality:
    Use of low VOC paints, materials, and finishes; control moisture levels inside home;
  • Sustainable and recycled material use:
    Use environmentally preferred building materials; avoid use of certain tropical woods;

Learn more about a current e2 Homes green project on Pine Ave in Winter Park here – Net-Zero Energy – The Wilson Residence.

Green Wall Assemblies

e2 Homes has experience with two of the most popular green wall assemblies: Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC).  Both systems offer significant advantages compared to traditional wall construction techniques, such as improved energy efficiency, sound resistance, and strength.  We have recently worked with GreenBlock Insulated Concrete Forms and Aercon Autoclaved Aerated Concrete.

Green Building Certification

Three of the most commonly referenced green building certifications in Florida are:

Rob Smith has certified several homes under the programs. In September 2012, the Wilson Residence became the first home in the country certified as a:

Green Credentials of e2 Homes:


Rob Smith is a LEED for Homes Accredited Professional, serves on the board of the US Green Building Council’s Central Florida chapter, a corporate member of the USGBC and FGBC, and writes a regular green building column in the Winter Park Home magazine.  Rob’s personal home was the first LEED-Gold certified home in central Florida and the recipient of the 2009 LEED-H Project of the Year award.  The home also achieved FGBC certification.

Green Home Organizations

Click here to learn more about Rob.